Bravo Team Game and Aim Controller Bundle New and Sealed – Scandinavian box


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Full English in game but box is the Scandivanian version. 

Bravo Team + Aim Controller Bundle (PSVR)

Bundle Contains:
-Bravo Team Game -PlayStation VR Aim Controller

You’re surrounded in a country tearing itself apart, cut off from help with no backup. Mission objective – survive. Prepare to feel the heat of battle in an adrenalin-fuelled journey full of intense combat and split-second tactical decision making in this VR shooter from Supermassive Games.

Step into an urban war zone and experience every explosion in intense guerrilla firefights behind enemy lines.

Immerse yourself in the action as you lean around corners to take out your targets and duck into cover to avoid gunfire.

Work with your teammate and keep your cool as you try to survive a routine assignment gone horribly wrong.

Take Aim – Dispatch enemy insurgents with precision accuracy through the Aim controller, fluid gameplay and an array of weapons at your disposal.

Back to Back – Strategic planning and teamwork pull you further into the action as you and a partner escape the city in intense online co-op.

Boots on the ground, Feel the battlefield like never before, hear the bullets whizzing past your head in full 3D audio, feel the impact of the enemy fire all around you, both visually and aurally and get detached from your weapon and look around freely