boppiband Pop & Swop Interchangeable Charm Hairband Headband Pink and Yellow with 6 boppi Fashion Accessory Collectible Jewellery Charms


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The boppiband is an interchangeable charm headband that can hold 6 boppi charms at a time. Pop & Swop lots of colourful charms with friends using an easy-pop attachment.

The boppiband is designed for use as a traditional hairband/headband (keeping hair away from the face) which you may decorate with boppi charms to suit your mood. Each boppi charm is colourful and tactile and will fit snuggly and securely onto the boppiband. To remove or swop the charms simply pop the charm off the easy-pop stud.

The design allows the charms to stay firmly attached while being worn during general use but will release easily with a ‘pop’ sound when pulled off. The soft, colourful and flexible rubber coated band is a perfect fit and feel for a child’s head and the easy-pop studs allow you to Pop & Swop charms with friends easily. There are lots to collect so collect them all.

The boppiband pack contains 1 boppiband and 6 boppi charms: Lolly – Rainbow – Roller-skate – Flower – Heart – Butterfly

Extra charm packs available each containing 6 different charm designs:

Series 1 –

Pack 1: Melon – Toadstool – Princess Shoe – Cat – Diamond – Cup cake

Pack 2: Strawberry – Crown – Tropical Fish – Lion – Mermaid – Love

Pack 3: Ladybird – Shooting Star – Pineapple – Bow – Fairy – Dog

Pack 4: Pizza – Rocket – Guitar – Mobile Phone – Horse – Ballet Shoes

Headband size:



Depth: 2.5cm

Full colour packaging

This product conforms to European and UK safety standards testing – EN71 1/2/3