Harry Potter Magical Minis Deluxe Castle 3 Classroom Playsets 22 Accessories


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Experience the magic of Harry Potter with the Wizarding World Magical Minis Deluxe Hogwarts Castle and Classroom Playsets! This deluxe set of Harry Potter toys, found only on Amazon, includes an almost 2-foot-tall Hogwarts Castle Playset with Moaning Myrtle�s Bathroom, enchanting lights, and sounds; 22 accessories, three Magical Minis small dolls and three Classroom Playsets! Hogwarts Castle and the playsets are packed with places to explore and magical features to discover with the 3-inch collectible Harry, Hermione, and Ron dolls! The Great Hall is the perfect spot to begin your storytelling. Light up the fireplace and the Great Hall�s ceiling lights when you place any of the dolls on the activation spot! The ceiling lights up into each of the four Hogwarts House colors and a House song plays. Play out stories from the Harry Potter movies using the themed accessories.

Pose and sit Harry and Ron at the Great Hall dining table; place the Sorting Hat on Hermione; move around the framed portraits, spin the Dormitory�s chandelier and more. Move Hogwarts� staircase and check out Moaning Myrtle�s Bathroom: Hermione can brew some Polyjuice Potion in the cauldron and wear the cat mask to recreate the famous scene. Get ready for a pop-open surprise � it�s Moaning Myrtle!

This set is the ultimate gift for kids and Harry Potter fans. Expand your Wizarding World and recreate your favorite Harry Potter scenes with the Magical Minis Deluxe Hogwarts Castle and Classroom Playsets � ONLY AVAILABLE ON AMAZON!