just be… 3 in 1 Back Support Posture Corrector Muscle Stretcher can ease pain, give relief and target stiffness with removable cushion Floor or Chair use – Black


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The just be… back support is a revolutionary 3 in 1 back rest that can relieve lower back pain and aid good seating posture. It combines the benefits of a back support with the comfort of a lumbar cushion.

With a lightweight, compact and portable frame the back support is perfectly suited for taking to the gym or office. An adjustable arch with a foam cushion rest gives 3 levels of support for your back and comes with a removable washable cover and an attachable chair strap.

Since the lumbar portion of the spine carries most of our bodyweight it is therefore more susceptible to injury and damage caused by lifting heavy objects, an awkward fall or by having a poor sitting posture which, as well as causing pain, can eventually affect flexibility and movement.

Tight back muscles cause tension to build up in the lower back adding pressure on other parts of the body such as the neck, which can then lead to headaches or migraines. Regular and short use of a back support will help to stretch out the tight muscles and ease the tension allowing blood to circulate freely and the body to function without discomfort. Improved body posture adds greater flexibility and movement.

Used as part of a floor exercise to relive back pain and muscle tension this support offers 3 position levels based on your level of experience – beginner, intermediate and advanced. This type of use is recommended for those who are experiencing discomfort in the lower back. Using the support for 5 minutes is all that is required for immediate benefits.

The chair support position is highly effective at preventing discomfort in the back and with a washable padded cushion provides a great deal of comfort too.

On long car journeys the back support can be used for comfort and to keep the spine in correct postural alignment and in turn allows blood circulation to flow more freely around the lower back area.

Size: 38cm x 25cm x 7 cm
Weight: 900g